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The Summit Thornton

Summit Entertainment Group recently purchased the 5.34-acre site at the southwest corner of East 144th Avenue and Washington Street, where it plans to build the 49,980-square-foot Summit Thornton.

There will be a bowling alley, a laser tag arena with two levels, dozens of video games, and restaurants at the entertainment complex on a parcel designed by Betson, featuring Jurassic Park Arcade, The Walking Dead, Cruis’n Blast, Injustice Arcade, and more.

This will be the third Summit entertainment complex in Colorado. The two others are the Summit Windsor in Windsor and the Summer Interquest in Colorado Springs. The Thornton site sits well with the company’s other two properties, said Dennis Schavietello, president and CEO of Summit Cos. and Performance Entertainment.

“The property is located along the I-25 corridor, about 35 miles south of our Windsor property and 60 miles north of Colorado Springs,” he said. “We like the area since it has experienced so much growth,” Schavietello added. According to him, the operations typically draw from a radius of 20 minutes, so the Thornton store will likely attract customers from up to Longmont as well as Commerce City and other communities near E-470. He said Summit Thornton will be essentially a carbon copy of its Windsor store. Like the Windsor operation, Summit Thornton will be designed by Fort Collins-based Vaught Frye Larson Architects.

Bowling lanes will be available in 32 lanes at Summit Thornton, eight of which will be private and 24 of which will be public. Schavietello said the restaurant can accommodate parties ranging from 20 to 200. “Bowling is a great sport,” he said. “This is a sport that everyone can enjoy,” he concluded. About 65 video games will be available in the arcade, and the center is equipped with multiple TVs tuned to sports events.

Two large conference rooms will also be available for meetings and events at the center. Families will be able to celebrate the birthdays of their children and adults in family centers. Additionally, there will be a laser tag arena which will have approximately 5,000 square feet of space.

“I believe we are the only ones in Colorado with two levels of laser tags,” Schavietello said. “It just adds to the fun of the game.”. Considering the demographics around Thornton, he believes business will be considerably more active than in Windsor. It offers a whole host of elevated entertainment options, including fantastic casual dining, state-of-the-art laser tag and games, and world-class bowling. In terms of entertainment options, The Summit is appealing to a wide range of people of all ages. Whether you are a serious bowler, planning a kids’ birthday, having some family time, or having a night out with friends, this is the perfect place. There is one destination that customers return to again and again because they know they will have a good time.

The Summit Thornton is the ideal destination to spend time with family and socialize with friends. With a wide variety of food, beverage, and entertainment options, there’s something for everyone. When you want to go out and have more fun, you’ll think of The Summit.

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