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Residential Electrical Services

Over the past few years, households and apartment buildings have become increasingly reliant on electricity. Residents need electricity for more than just powering their refrigerator, television and laptop. They need it for everything from home security systems to indoor and outdoor lighting, to cooling and heating systems, and even swimming pools and spas. It is essential to have regular service visits from an electrician every couple of months so that any damage can be caught early on and repaired as needed. Otherwise, things like circuit overloads can occur and create costly issues for tenants as well as owners.



If you need any help with the electrical needs in and around your residential home, it is important that you hire the services of a quality electrician. With our expertise, we can help you make sure that every aspect is taken care of from start to finish. If you require rewiring or you want to set up your lighting in the most efficient way, we can assist you. The Speedy Electricians offers the following and much more!

Home Lighting Installation, Design and Maintenance

Adding lights inside your house and to its exterior can be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. In your home, lights play a very important role, whether it’s under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen or motion-activated lights in your backyard.


On the other hand, home lighting design is an all-important element that, when implemented in an artistic manner, can set the right mood without you even noticing it. The Speedy Electricians will be glad to handle the maintenance of your lighting system as well.

Electrical Panel Installation, Repair, and Upgrades

Electric panels are among the important services that The Speedy Electricians provides, including their installation, repair, and upgrades.


An older house is likely to have outdated electrical wiring. If your old electrical panel is failing then you need to make some upgrades. By upgrading your electrical panel and wiring, you will be able to upgrade your home to be more in tune with today’s consumption requirements.  Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Call us if you are unsure as to what needs upgrading. We can help advise you on what needs to be done right away and what can wait.


The following services can be provided by a qualified team:

– Install the new panel along with the additions;

– Conduct repairs on those that are already in place;

– Resolve problems such as overloads or short circuits to avoid them occurring in the future and;

– If possible, upgrade older systems by installing more efficient models, as well as other parts like fuses/circuits if necessary.

Light Fixture Installation and Repair

Considering installing a new light fixture in your home? The types of fixtures you can have installed in your home are endless, so, whether you are looking for an entryway chandelier or an outdoor floodlight, we can accommodate your preferences. We also repair almost any kind of lighting fixture, including recessed lighting fixtures, track lights, ceiling fans, and fluorescent lamps that need replacing.

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

There may not be enough technology to completely protect your home from a direct surge, but there are plenty of other measures you can take to at least amp up the protection.


The installation of an external surge protector on all ground-level connections inside your home will provide extra protection for your appliances when things like natural disasters and brownouts due to poor weather conditions occur outside of our control. It is extremely advantageous in terms of protecting your home and saving money over time.

Smoke and Fire Alarms Installation and Repair

Smoke and fire alarms are an essential part of every home. As smoke and flames are detected, they alert you of a fire and give you enough time to leave safely!


As a company here at The Speedy Electricians, we do our best to ensure that our customers’ needs are taken care of when it comes to installing and repairing these life-saving devices in their homes. Having a quality system installed will help protect your home from accidents, whether due to fiery explosions or high voltage lines that cause power outages during storms. Then, you can feel at ease knowing that everything around you is safe at all times.

Electrical Inspections

You place a high value on the safety and security of your family members. In order to guarantee that everything is up-to-date with the latest standards set by government regulations and industry best practices, you need a reliable company that provides clear, professional services at competitive prices. We at The Speedy Electricians provide exactly this kind of service!


If you hire us to perform an electrical inspection, you will receive a detailed and accurate written report covering all aspects of the system.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring in your home is essential to your safety as well as the safety of those around you. In addition, it is a very important job that cannot be rushed, or else it could potentially lead to dangerous situations if procedures aren’t followed. It’s also important to remember that how wires should be laid out is quite important, so it’s better to have an electrician do some of these jobs for us because they know exactly where to place them in comparison to hiring a handyman. In summary, a properly wired home keeps your family protected, warm, and happy. Let our electricians provide indoor and outdoor wiring installation, maintenance, and/or repair for your home.

Electrical Heating

Whenever a new heating system is installed, it should always be done by a licensed electrician. Electric heaters often are equipped with specialized breakers and circuitry, and therefore a qualified electrician can not only make sure that your home is safe but that your heater is functioning as efficiently as possible so that you are getting the most from what you are paying for.

Complete Electrical Remodeling

Consider hiring one of our licensed electricians if you are in the market for some quality renovation for your property to become a more modern, energy-efficient one. Be sure all of your electrical work is up to code when you remodel, so call the pros. From circuit upgrades and panel replacements to help you ground the electrical system, we can assist with it all, pun intended! So that each electrical device at hand works efficiently and without causing any future issues or complications!


Our company can offer the following:

– Code corrections
– Insurance Company Inspections
– Standby Generator Installation
– Wiring and connecting up major appliances, pool, sauna and jacuzzi installation and repair etc…
– And anything else!

Why The Speedy Electricians?

As a company, we make sure to maintain a confidential, reliable, and trustworthy relationship between our clients and employees. We are able to complete projects of all sizes, such as townhomes, apartments, condos and single-family housing. We are well versed in all the code regulations in order to protect your investment both now and in the future. Lastly, our technicians are thoroughly trained in all areas of electrical construction, and they make safety and integrity their first priority with every job.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you require a residential electrician or even a commercial electrician. Our team can arrange an in-home estimate and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We even do EV charger installs.

It is our pleasure to serve all of Colorado. The following locations have local offices though. Visit each location to learn more.

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