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Are you looking for an electrician who can help with electrical rewiring? But having trouble figuring out how to do so? For you and your family members to live the best lives possible, your home must work flawlessly. We depend on our electrical systems to provide electricity to our homes, which makes them an essential part of everyday life activities at home or on the go!



Rewiring your home can also be a major project that homeowners find intimidating. To achieve success, you need both knowledge and expertise. In fact, that’s why we’re here. Whatever electrical rewiring you require, we have you covered. It does not matter whether the project is a large renovation of a multi-story home or a simple apartment renovation.



You may need electrical rewiring if you experience the following signs:


  • Lighting that flickers.
  • Around the sockets are scorch marks.
  • Plugged-in devices heat up when they shouldn’t.
  • You may be using knob and tube wiring or another vintage system (read on for more information).
  • Several circuit breakers trip on a regular basis.
  • There have been many appliances that have shocked you recently.
  • While a smartphone is charging, it gives you a slight shock when you touch it.
  • Your use of extension cords is extensive.
  • An older and a newer wiring mix.
  • There are lights that make the sound of a buzzing.
  • The lighting in your house does not adequately illuminate the room.

What Is Electrical Rewiring?

Electrical rewiring involves the repair or replacement of outdated electrical wiring in your home. Conducting such a task as early as possible ensures the safety of your home! Several reasons can lead to this, like water damage, faulty electrical circuits, or simply because you want to upgrade the current one.



A total rewiring of a property or a ‘complete rewire’ as it’s known entails the following:



  1. The property is wired with new wiring.
  2. There is no old wiring left on the property.
  3. If there was an old fuse box, it’s removed.
  4. The old electrical panel needs to be removed and a new one installed.
  5. Replacing old circuit breakers (includes removing and disposing of old ones).


If the entire home is rewired and being brought up to date, it’s also a good idea to consult with your electrician to make sure all the outlets are updated. Remove the old outlets and replace them with new ones. It’s also a great time to get more outlets installed in the home where you might need them. Thesedays, every outlet can also have USB ports of easy phone charging and also have smart features.

When Does A Home Need to Be Rewired?

It is necessary to rewire a house for many reasons. These include, in addition to those noted above:



Electrical rewiring may be needed in older homes/buildings due to outdated wiring. Specifically homes that are 25 years or older. So homes that were built just before 2000 at the time of writing this. These old homes might not even comply with local and national electrical codes. There is also the possibility that the circuits within the home are faulty, leading to fires or electric shocks. Moreover, older buildings and homes can develop problems like rusty electrical wiring that could catch on fire or become damaged.



Homes that have been completely renovated may also require rewiring. When your home is being renovated, you want to make sure it is as safe as possible. Get the entire rewire done by a professional electrician before you move back in. It may be necessary to rewire a home if the electrical panel is damaged. Several things can cause this, including an accident, power surges, faulty wiring, and failing breakers and switches. Also, water damage can cause corrosion to the wires and short circuits to fail.

Replacing Vintage Electrical Rewiring

Older homes generally have vintage wiring that is a safety hazard. Back then, electrical wiring was not as sophisticated as it is today. It could cause a fire hazard! Older types of wiring systems such as aluminum, knob-and-tube, and cloth-insulated wiring were still in use until about the 1970s. These are commonly found in older areas of Colorado were there are lots of old housing estates. And these types of older wires need to be replaced.



Fires can happen in your home more easily with these old wiring systems. Moreso, they are unable to meet the electrical demand of modern major appliances. As a result, it becomes important to have them replaced with modern ones to ensure safety. In newer homes, the wiring is insulated and the wires are inside plastic sheathing for increased safety. This is the kind of wire you’d find in a hardware store. It is what is used to replace old wiring systems.


We also offer electrical rewiring for commercial properties. Read more about our commercial electricians.

What Are The Benefits Of Rewiring Your Home's Electrical System?

If you’re considering rewiring your home’s electrical system, there are many benefits to doing so. As a result, not only will there be peace of mind knowing that any faulty wiring has been removed from the premises, but also lower energy bills will be experienced, resulting in potential savings in the long run. In addition to being good for your budget, reducing your energy usage is also good for the environment since you emit fewer greenhouse gasses. We will take care of your electrical needs so you don’t need to worry about disrupted appliances and devices!



A home’s electrical system is a crucial component that keeps it safe, functional, and warm. If your electrical system is faulty, over time you may need frequent electrical repairs or replacements of your devices because they are constantly breaking down from overloading, which is a potentially dangerous situation in and of itself. Blackouts are another major concern if they are caused by faulty wiring.



You may also be able to obtain cheaper insurance rates by making your home’s wiring more secure since you are less likely to cause accidents. Nevertheless, certain things should never be attempted by the homeowner, including rewiring! You need an experienced electrician such as The Speedy Electricians company for a job like this.



Old electrical wiring systems are not only potentially hazardous, but they are also unable to support the requirements of modern appliances since they were not properly replaced years ago. As technology continues to advance, so too does the energy demand! Suppose you have a fifty-inch flat-screen TV, surround sound speakers, and gaming consoles in one room that your kids are using. In the laundry, the washing machine goes. You’re able to use the refrigerator. There is another TV in the bedroom and another…  The point that is being made here is clear, don’t you think so?



If the wiring is not properly installed, it won’t work. Continuously using power at peak efficiency is required. If you run things with an old wiring system, this will cause overloads on your home’s electrical system, which could be very dangerous.

How Much Does Residential Rewiring Cost?

The cost of rewiring a house depends on both its size and location. While the former will determine the amount of work needed, the latter determines the price based on the different market value fees charged by local power companies.


It can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a small home to more than 20,000+ dollars for a large home or huge mansions in very affluent parts of Colorado.


Rewiring always offers more benefits than it takes away in terms of safety and peace of mind. The safety of you and your family simply cannot be measured.

Why Pick The Speedy Electricians For Your Electrical Rewiring?

Electrical systems in older homes can be unsafe to work with and may also prevent you from using appliances of today. If you plan to rewire your old home, find a professional who is qualified to handle the work. The Speedy Electricians prides itself on being the best electrical services company in Colorado. We have over 20-years of experience in the electrical industry and have fully rewired more homes than we can count. We strive to ensure the electrical wiring in your home is safe and functional. To learn more about rewiring your home and to get a quote, contact The Speedy Electricians today.

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