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When the power fails, whether due to a thunderstorm, accident, or natural disaster, it can be frightening and expensive. When Mother Nature unleashes a torrent of rain and hail on your property, you can be plunged into darkness. Food in the refrigerator can spoil, your appliances or equipment can be damaged and it could be hours or days before the electricity comes back on. With a generator, however, you can have that peace of mind you knowing the power that you need to operate your home or business will still be there. A generator can ensure that your property is never without power again.

Generator Installation Services

Because we care about our customers’ homes and safety, here at The Speedy Electricians we always put their needs before our own. You can rely on our expertise and experience to help you install a permanent generator. Having become Colorado’s leading provider of electrical generator services, we offer electrical installation, repair, replacement, and servicing for generators of all types. We offer residential, commercial, and even industrial clients the following services.

Residential Standby Generator Installation

We have been installing home generators for over 20 years, so you can trust us to do the job right. So that you can fully enjoy the benefits of having a fully automatic standby generator installed in your home, you can be sure that no crucial steps will be overlooked. Various types and brands of generators are available to meet your requirements regardless of the level of power demand your residence requires.


From beginning to end, we are responsible for each step of the installation process. We determine the best generator for your home, apply for permits, fill out paperwork, install the generator, verify compliance with codes, and register warranties. Additionally, a training session on how to operate the generator will be held with you. Installation is performed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Commercial & Industrial Backup Generator Installation

What experience do you have with power outages in your company? Did you calculate the costs incurred? In today’s business environment, businesses heavily rely on electronics and computer operating systems, and power outages significantly decrease their productivity. During a power outage, businesses can lose significant revenue, so purchasing an emergency generator is the only way to mitigate these losses. You’ll maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as a result of an emergency generator because you won’t have downtime.



With our extensive experience in installation and product knowledge in addition to our unmatched expertise with generators, we can make a valuable contribution to your company’s success. Our service is available today, so contact us to learn how we can help.

Generator Replacement

Generally, generators are durable, but even the best of them become unreliable after some use. Whether your generator costs more to run, is difficult to start, or does not perform consistently, we can replace it with one that fits your property, your needs, and your budget. When an emergency strikes, for example, a generator is crucial to your safety and comfort. Therefore, you should choose a generator with the best performance and lowest price. Only the most dependable and high-quality generators are offered by our company, and each is backed by a warranty. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Generator Repair

If you already have a generator installed on your property, but it is not functioning properly, our team is ready to assist you. If your generator breaks down for a long period, you are at greater risk of not having electricity in the event of a power outage. You can trust our qualified technicians to examine your generator and determine what needs to be done. The price of the generator repair job and any other details will be explained in detail before any work is carried out.


Listed below are the most common reasons why you should contact a qualified electrician to service your generator:



Battery Failure – Typically, power generators must be serviced for this reason alone. Batteries can fail from sulfate buildup on the terminals, short circuits, open cells, tripped breakers, a defective charger, or dirty connections.


Faulty Block Heater – A block heater, which runs frequently, often develops a low coolant temperature alarm when it becomes faulty.



Wet Stacking – Providing an engine with too much no-load runtime can cause it to over fuel and be damaged.



Out of Fuel – If the fuel level falls too low, the generators will automatically shut down to avoid the fuel system drawing in the air.


Air in the fuel System – Air can enter the fuel lines and prevent injectors from firing if the generator is not used regularly. By performing weekly inspections, this problem can be avoided.



Controls not set to “Auto” – This is a sign that the power generator was not switched off, which means that it was not being used as the primary control switch. It can be caused by human error, open circuit breakers, improperly reset alarm systems or switchgear, emergencies, and more.


Low Coolant – Internal and external coolant leaks, clogged radiators, and many other factors can cause a generator to run hot and shut down.


Our Backup Generator Installation Process

When we install a generator, we follow these steps:



Analyzing the Situation

Taking the time to evaluate the situation is the first step. Our team will analyze your current energy needs to determine which generator is best for you. It wouldn’t make sense to choose a generator that is too big for your property, it would be too expensive. Instead, we will work to ensure that the generator is perfect to meet your needs.



Installing the Unit

The second thing we will do is find the best location for your generator. For us, it is important that the generator looks nice and performs well. We will find a place where the generator can be installed safely. Usually, a concrete pad is laid out first, and the generator is then installed over it. This ensures that the generator does not fall over at any time.



Connecting the Transfer Switch and Fuel

Lastly, the fuel needs to be connected and the transfer switch installed. With this switch, users will be able to easily switch between power sources. Using an automatic transfer switch is a wise thing to do. Due to your automatic switch, your generator will automatically start when there is a power outage.



Outage Simulation

We will test if everything is functioning properly as it should. In addition, we recommend you self-test every week to ensure everything is functioning normally.

Benefits of Having a Generator Installed

Do not let yourself be fooled. You may own a standby generator for your home, business, or both, but it goes deeper than just keeping the lights on and charging your phone. An electric backup generator is capable of running an entire home full of electronics and even the most power-hungry HVAC system. Or keep a business going during a blackout with 100x or even a 1000x electricity requirment  of a home.



A few of the benefits include;



  • Automates and quickly restores power during blackouts.
  • All types of appliances can be used by homeowners, including heating and cooling systems, televisions, computers, and other appliances.
  • Provides homeowners with safety and comfort during emergencies.
  • Protects the home from voltage fluctuations and surges when the electricity is restored.
  • Maintains safety operations during declared or natural disasters.
  • Protecting their loved ones during an emergency or when a natural disaster strikes, offers homeowners peace of mind.
  • Enable businesses to save money by managing their electricity consumption effectively. In special circumstances, for instance, during peak hours, they can be used as backups to limit the consumption of electricity.
  • During a blackout, you may lose power, resulting in serious damage to your equipment and machinery. By installing a backup generator, this can be avoided.
  • With a generator set for your business, you won’t have to worry about time and productivity lost during power outages.
  • If you have an EV charger installation that was completed the generator can even charge your Tesla or other EV.

Why Use The Speedy Electricians for Generators?

Adding a generator to your home or business should be seamless and effortless. A number of our electricians are capable of installing generators of various types.


We will take great care when installing your system to ensure it will withstand power outages. With over 20 years of experience, we help you select the right generator for your application. Providing reliable and trustworthy electrical services to residential and commercial buildings, when you hire us you’ll see why we’re Colorado’s first choice for generators.

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