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We certainly do! And you would be better off hiring an electrician to install your new TV than a DIY job.



In most cases, an electrician can provide a quality guarantee that other contractors are rarely able to provide. Flat-screen TVs are heavy and usually need to be wall mounted. The right position needs to be used to hold the TV in place correctly and the wiring needs to be installed correctly.

Well, you have just found us!


The Speedy Electricians has been in the electrical business for 20 years. We have many returning customers who have been doing business with us for more than a decade. Regardless of the electrical job, we are able to help.


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Sure, you do.


An electrical permit is required for any electrical work carried out in your home or business, even if it is a simple task such as the installation of another power outlet. Generally, building permits are issued at your local Building Codes Division field office or by your local building department.


You don’t have to worry about this when you hire The Speedy Electricians. We take care of it for you!

In order to make it easy to identify as a switch-controlled outlet, an electrician might install an outlet upside-down. Since most people are visual, it is easy to tell that the outlet is actually switch-controlled instead of a regular outlet.

Depending on the type of project, this can differ. We generally charge a flat fee if we replace an old outlet with a new one without doing any other work. It might also be a ceiling fan that has to be replaced. It’s a simple process and generally a flat fee.


With electrical troubleshooting we start by performing an initial visit and do an inspection. We conduct an investigation on problem areas with damaged wiring or whatnot in the home or business. Depending on what we agree on, an hourly rate might be agreed upon or a flat rate might be charged.


It depends on what type of work you are doing. Call us if you would like to discuss your project.

Troubleshooting is a common task for any electrician. In a nutshell, it’s what we do every day. When someone has an electrical problem, they call us to “fix it” or rather “troubleshoot” it. What is the cost of our services? The answer will depend on how much work is involved in the project. Any one of the items on a long list that is virtually endless could be the subject of the problem. Please contact us and describe the problem you are experiencing, and we will be able to help.

It depends on a variety of factors.


Is it necessary to replace the wiring or was it just loose? Does the outlet itself require a replacement? Where is the outlet located? And, is it easy to access? It is generally considered simple work as outlets are generally not complicated. We recommend you call our friendly staff at (720) 763-8777 to receive a free quote.

You may think that getting an electrician to work on your home is expensive, but a quality electrician will work until the job is completed. Due to their dedication, they usually charge more than what a part-time worker or general contractor would charge on an hourly basis.


Further, the average person has no idea about wiring from a building to a house and electrical outlets within a house to a source of power. It is also a significant concern that many states have very restrictive licensing requirements requiring apprenticeships, full licensing, security checks, and certification before a business can even be started in certain areas; this creates a very significant barrier for entry into the electrical contracting industry.


Everything’s included in the price.


There is one thing that you need to remember: a good electrician is not expensive. However, what is costly is when you try to cut costs. It is possible to damage your property or even inflict physical injury to yourself if you attempt to complete a DIY or get a contractor to do work that should have been completed by a licensed professional.


We guarantee that when you hire The Speedy Electricians, we will do the job properly the first time.

The scope of the project determines the cost. We can easily add an extra outlet to a kitchen or install a ceiling fan in a bedroom. While mapping out a wiring system for a new commercial property is much more complicated.


Rates may be at the lower end of the range. It may also be more than $100+/hour for highly complex jobs.


Our best recommendation is for you to call us on (720) 763-8777 and talk to one of our friendly team members about your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote according to your needs.

For more information, please call (720) 763-8777We will be happy to answer your inquiries and determine the best solution for your requirements.

How do you know if you need an electrical panel upgrade? A general recommendation is that you should replace it 25 years after the original was installed. It’s not definite but in our experience, it’s a good rule to follow as of the 2020s.


Our company can assist with repairs, upgrades, and complete replacements of your electrical panel. Get in touch with our friendly team at (720) 763-8777 to learn more about your electrical panel.

Installing a ceiling fan will very in pricing depending on the type and size of the fan and how difficult it will be to install.


To elaborate, the cost for installing a ceiling fan varies depending on the difficulty involved with locating the appropriate electrical wiring and initiating power hotspots in accordance with current standards as set by UL listings. It is likely that you will receive a higher quote if there are no electrical wires or if they are buried behind drywall and is inaccessible. In the scenario where the wiring was previously installed but the fan was never connected, then the quote would be less expensive.


A question we are asked daily is, “How much does it cost to install XYZ?”. You can replace XYZ with a thousand different possible things. It’s the same answer every time. If you would like a quote, please call us to discuss the details of your project as we require specific information in order to provide one.

For any electrical work performed by an individual, it is important to note that most jurisdictions require a permit. The landlord might not pass inspection if the inspector finds they didn’t have a permit with their name on it.


It is also important to consider insurance. You can be fined steeply if you work without permits or insurance, so don’t take chances.


All electricians spend thousands of hours on the job training from the moment they start their apprenticeship to the moment when they are fully qualified. Then, too, they are semi-supervised. There is a purpose to this. Electricians are dealing with live electricity. It’s dangerous and complicated work.


A professional should be contacted when electrical work is required.

Be it The Speedy Electricians or another service provider, before you hire an electrician, it’s always a good idea to ask the following questions and confirm with yourself that you are happy with the answers.


  1. In the course of this job, will there be an electrical inspection involved?
  2. Do you hold a valid electrician’s license?
  3. Is my electrical service going to be disrupted?
  4. Do you believe that your solution is a short-term or a long-term solution to my problems?
  5. Does this job require a permit?
  6. Are you frequently involved in this kind of work?
  7. Would you be able to complete any repairs associated with the work?
  8. Are you able to provide a service guarantee or warranty?

You can expect to pay at least a few thousand if you want to have new wiring installed in your entire house. Expect to pay considerably more for an older house. Unfortunately, there is no single answer for the entire rewiring of the house. A lot of specifics go into it. The best way to receive a proper quote is to contact us.

Yes! It is possible. We install EV chargers every week.


Charging an electric car is just like charging a phone. You can simply plug it in and charge it during the night and then top it off during the day as necessary. If you want to charge your electric vehicle at home, you must have a charging point installed by a licensed professional, as the amount of power required to charge this type of vehicle differs from that required for home appliances if you are wanting to install a level 2 charger.

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