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Electrical Repair Services

Problems with electrical systems can occur at any time. Unfortunately, you won’t know that something is wrong until your fuse blows or the breaker trips. A faulty electrical system installation or inadequate maintenance might be to blame. It could be something important or something minor. The only thing you can think of is “how do I turn the power back on?”.



For your home, we offer affordable and reliable electrical repair services. The electricians we have follow strict safety standards to ensure your safety as well as that of the equipment is in order to deliver on all promises made during installation or repairs from start to finish.



At The Speedy Electricians company, we specialize in electrical repairs and have many years of experience. We will find out what the issue is. The solution we offer will enable you to restore the electrical system in your home and be up and running again within a short period of time.

Circuit Breaker Repair

When you’re experiencing problems with your electricity, the first step is to check the circuit breakers. This is a very crucial aspect of managing and using power effectively – so if something goes wrong here, there could be big consequences! Whenever possible, our team takes care of repairs quickly.

Faulty Interior and Exterior Wiring Repair

Electrical systems that work properly are every homeowner’s dream. This is, however, not always the case because they may have been overlooked during the construction of their new house. As time goes on, the wiring system may simply begin to fail, therefore requiring repair. Although upfront costs may have been cheaper, you are left with costly repairs later down the road if your property has problems caused by faulty wiring. Short circuits and/or fires occurring due to faulty wiring pose not only an annoying inconvenience but also an extremely serious safety risk.

Power Outages and Power Surges

Power surges and outages do not occur only once. When you are experiencing a long power outage, you can expect that your whole community is experiencing the same thing! If you just lost power in your home as the result of an unfortunate incident, we can resolve it. Our team will fix your electrical system quickly and safely so that you can have power again as soon as possible.

Generator Repair

When you are without power and can’t cook dinner for your family, you know what it feels like, right? Even worse still, what if it was late at night before an important project deadline – how would you manage to finish your work on time? It’s worse if you’re already running on a generator, and then the power goes out! We have trained technicians that work quickly to determine what is wrong with your generator so that the issue can be resolved so you can regain electricity.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Ceiling fans can malfunction, which can be inconvenient. However, you need not worry as we will be able to get the fan working for you again. Our staff will assist you with all your ceiling fan repair needs, regardless of whether it is a motor problem or another aspect of the fan. Installing a new ceiling fan or ten is something we can do for you.

Electrical Switches and Outlet Repair

There is nothing more frustrating than losing power to an outlet in your house, particularly when the problem is not immediately obvious. Furthermore, a malfunctioning outlet is very dangerous! This type of problem can fortunately be diagnosed very easily. Whether it is a switch that needs replacing or a wiring issue that needs to be resolved, our specialists will have your outlet up and running again in no time.

Smoke Detector Repair

Fixing a malfunctioning smoke detector as soon as possible is crucial. The use of smoke detectors can reduce the risk of home fires and save lives. You need your smoke detector to work correctly when it detects a fire. Smoke detectors that malfunction are the last thing you want in an emergency involving fire.

Fault Location and Repair

It could be just one major problem or a combination of several minor ones resulting in faulty electrical work. When a single event causes a power outage, we can quickly diagnose the issue and restore your power immediately. In the event it is a series of issues, however, we will take the time needed to identify the cause of your difficulties. We are going to put on our thinking caps and utilize our problem-solving skills and restore your power ASAP!

Lighting Repair

To create a successful space, lighting is vital. This feature adds both beauty and functionality. For example, indoor lighting may be utilized for providing adequate light sources in a bedroom or dining room. You could also install a more sophisticated lighting system in your backyard. With our help, your home will be lit to your specifications.

We Fix Any Electrical Issue

We repair a wide range of electronic devices, including a faulty dimmer, insufficient wiring, a ceiling fan that is not working, and emergency light sensors that are not triggering. You can depend on our team to handle any electrical problems you might have in your home since we are professional and highly trained.



We Can Also Fix:



Electrical Buzzing Noises – It is normally loose wiring that is causing the high-pitched buzzing noise. Have it corrected as soon as possible to avoid any serious consequences!



Dimming or Flickering House Lights – If you’re finding that your house lights are flickering or dimming, this is a sign that your wiring system needs to be repaired.



Aluminum Wiring – Wiring made out of aluminum is an outdated system that could malfunction. A modern, up-to-date wiring system should be installed as soon as possible.



Knob-and-Tube Wiring – It is an even older wiring system dating back to 1935. This can be very dangerous to your home. We’ll get to work replacing it with a modern wiring system immediately!  Give us a call and we’ll help you.



Egress Light Repair – In many cases, egress emergency lighting is triggered by motion sensors. If they are not triggering when you expect them to, you will need them to be worked on and fixed.

How Much Will Electrical Repairs Cost?

Electricity is an integral part of daily life. When you need accurate and prompt electrical repairs, our team at The Speedy Electricians will be there to serve your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to repair anything in your home! However, what’s the cost? “How much is repair XYZ going to cost?” is a question we have multiple times per day with customers. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here.


The type of service you require will depend upon the specific elements being repaired. The total cost of electrical repairs, such as electrical panel upgrades and replacements and home rewiring, will be higher than the cost of replacing just a single switch or outlet, due to the extensive work involved. We will always discuss options before starting any work on your home. We maintain open communication regarding costs.

Is It Safe to Do Your Own Electrical Repairs?

Many people ask whether it is safe to perform repairs such as simple electrical rewiring.


When you work with electricity, you are always at risk, and this can result in serious injuries or even death! If you are having problems of this nature, you should turn to someone who has the right experience, training, and licenses to resolve the issue. We can’t advocate that you try the DIY option in any manner whatsoever. It’s not about getting your business. Keeping you safe and healthy is of utmost importance. Hiring a professional is a must!

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electrician to Perform an Electrical Repair

Repairing an electrical system involves more than replacing light switches or checking tripped circuit breakers. Unless you’re familiar with how repairs work as you’re a qualified electrician yourself, it can be dangerous. So if you’re not sure then here are many reasons why you should hire an electrician for your home improvement project.



Safety – Electrical repairs can be dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals. The danger of electrical accidents, including electrocution and electrical fires, exists if you do not understand what you’re doing. These are avoidable if you have an electrician on site who knows what he’s doing to fix the problem promptly!



Quality Work – A professional electrician from The Speedy Electricians knows what they’re doing, and will fix your problem the right way, the first time, with the highest quality workmanship. DIY’ers may not even realize that they have cut corners by watching DIY YouTube videos. Performing electrical repairs this way could result in more damage, greater problems in the future, and an even bigger headache than before. Not to mention to potential risks of DIY also.



Experience – Since we have over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can provide solutions for any electrical issue you may have. We ensure that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work, and our level of expertise guarantees that your house or business will never be up and running again in no time.



Communication – A successful repair relies on effective communication. During every step of your electrical system’s restoration, we will keep you updated and let you know about changes (if any).

Need Electrical Repairs? Hire The Speedy Electricians!

If you require electrical assistance, you can rest assured that our electricians are experienced and qualified to handle the job. As a team, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best service possible, and we are happy to provide a consultation on any electrical issues. A fair price will be charged for our solution, as well as safe and timely completion. Call us today!

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