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Electrical Installation Service

Electrical Installation Services

With the technology we take for granted every single day, we now enjoy the conveniences of living in a modern society with virtually limitless conveniences. This is powered by electricity! Likewise, our homes are no exception. You’re cold? Not a problem, simply turn on the heater. Would you like to see a movie? Again, no problem, just turn on the TV and watch Netflix A hidden network of electrical wires are hidden within the walls of our homes, allowing all of this to take place.


This is convenient as your only concern will be whether or not the light fixtures and outlets in question function properly. Sometimes all of our electrical needs can be met by adding an extension cord. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to work on something more serious. This is where a professional electrical installation service comes in.

Our Electrical Installation Service

We offer the best electrical installation service in the business with a team of highly trained technicians. Any installation you need can be done by us. Our company has over 20 years of experience installing and completing electrical inspections for anything and everything that uses electricity. From routing light switches to fully automated smart homes with highly customized electrical systems. Whatever you want, we can do it. We are capable of doing any job you need doing, like those listed below.

Ceiling Fan Installation

In your home, finding the right ceiling fan can make a big difference. Consequently, fans are an affordable and efficient way for you to cool down or create some wind from those hot summer days. Now, you can even control smart fans using an app on your smartphone.

Circuit Installation and Upgrades

Do you want to add more energy-consuming appliances such as a refrigerator, hot tub, mini-split system, or soimthing else? You may need to upgrade your circuit breakers if this is the case. We can help ensure that everything is done properly. From the installation of the panel to the installation of all major appliances.

Home Backup Generator Installation

To some extent, your house is your castle. When there is a power outage, you should never have to worry about losing your heating or electricity. Power outages are almost routine in Colorado during the winter months depending on where you live. A backup generator installation can help you avoid this.

Exhaust Fan Installation Service

Can’t get enough air in your bathroom? Or are you upgrading your kitchen? Perhaps you intend to install a barbeque on an enclosed patio. Let us help you get that air flowing!

Electrical Outlet Installation

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t plug your device into an outlet where it is needed? Running an extension cord from the other side of the room can be dangerous if you trip over it. Having too many electrical outlets in your house is never a good thing. We can install additional outlets almost anywhere.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Service

Lighting is one of those items that we never think about until it fails or goes out. There are so many lighting options for the outside of your home these days to make it look absolutely breathtaking.

Surge Protection

A surge protector is an effective way to protect your appliances from power surges. During storms or when the electricity spikes outside your home, these are more common, but they can happen anytime. A whole-home surge protection system is the best way to protect your electrical devices from damage due to too high voltages because it can be installed in front of an electrical panel. This protects your devices before the power surge even enters your home. It is possible to put individual surge protection behind any type of outlet also, so it is up to you! But, we do recommend whole-home surge protection over outlets or powerboards with surge protection.

Smoke Detectors

As we are discussing safety, you should never forget to install smoke detectors in your homes. There is no doubt that these little devices could save lives! You can buy smoke detectors at any home improvement store, but if you want them installed properly, you’ll likely need to hire a professional. Thus, there are no issues, and you can rest assured that your smoke detectors are ready to operate at any time.

Light Fixture Installation

A room can make or break its appearance depending on the lighting. If you are looking for the right lights to set the mood, decorate your home, or eliminate shade, you have come to the right place! Whether it’s recessed lighting or flush mounting fixtures, our team does it all.

Exterior Lighting

In addition to motion-sensing security lights, we can install landscape lighting for trees and shrubs, as well as pathway lights to illuminate your path outside at night. You can make your house feel like a dream come true with the right exterior lighting fixtures. We have a wide selection of modern lighting that will fit your home.

Security Lighting

You can never be too cautious. The right security lights will make certain you will always be able to tell who is on the premises and what they are doing. Motion-sensor lights or traditional lighting can be installed by us.

Landscaping Lighting

Illuminating trees and shrubs always make them look so much better. Additionally, we are able to design the landscape in such a way as to make them the focal point of the landscape design.

Outdoor Electrical Wiring Installation

A light fixture that is not properly secured on the outside of your wall would not look good. Lighting fixtures for the outdoors require different wiring than for the interior, and we take the time to make sure everything is installed correctly! The following is only a small selection of the many installations that we have completed since our founding in 2002. You can rely on us to install anything powered by electricity!

Why Use The Speedy Electricians?

When it comes to electrical installation services, The Speedy Electricians are able to assist. We can provide you with residential or commercial electrical systems that are up-to-date with our services in a timely manner based on our in-depth knowledge and 20 years of experience. If you would like more information on how we can assist you, please contact us today!

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