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Forsberg Iron Spring Park

At 4800 W. Alameda Pkwy Lakewood, CO with views of the foothills and Red Rocks Amphitheater, you can find another place to add to your dog-friendly outdoor recreation list, Forsberg Iron Spring Park. Re-developed and opened in the Summer of 2008, Forsberg Iron Spring Park was made possible by a partnership between the City of Lakewood, Jeffco Open Space, and the Foothills Animal Shelter and also with the help of many generous donors, including a $160,000 grant from the Iron Springs Melting Pot Foundation. The park is named for two important contributors to its development: former Lakewood Mayor Bill Forsberg who played a critical role in acquiring the land for the park, and local philanthropist Joan Iron Spring whose foundation’s generous grant made construction possible. As a result of this collaborative effort, what was once an old landfill has been transformed into a scenic and serene place where dogs and their owners can come to relax, play, and socialize. 


This off-leash park is considered to be Lakewood’s first dedicated dog area. The picturesque property is located adjacent to Green Mountain, offering visitors breath-taking views and spacious grounds for dogs and their owners to enjoy.  Located on 2.5 acres of land, Forsberg Iron Spring Park has both fenced play areas for your dogs as well as unfenced spaces for activities such as hiking, biking, and other outdoor sports. Two fenced runs are housed on the grounds where dogs can run, cavort, and roughhouse to their hearts’ delight all without the need for a leash.  One of the two enclosures has been designated as an area for small, senior, or shy dogs where a gentler play style is adopted. 


Although Forsberg Iron Spring Park allows off-leash play, owners must keep a leash with them at all times as a safety measure. Its facilities are free of charge for visitors.  However, a city dog license is required to access the grounds, housed within the dog play spaces. They also have well-equipped dog runs containing water to quench the dog’s thirst after a rousing run. However, water is only available seasonally. During the winter months, owners should bring water and a dog dish with them to the park.  The enclosures themselves are situated on a hill, making the terrain conducive to a great workout. They also contain agility equipment to help keep your dog’s brain and body well-stimulated. Poop bags are provided on the premises via dispensers though park officials expect all owners will clean up after their dogs.  


Visitors to the park in Lakewood praise its spacious enclosures and rocky landscape; however, visitors should be aware that the park becomes extremely muddy after any amount of rainfall. In the unfenced family portions of the park, you can find bathrooms, picnic tables, sun shelters, and barbecues all available for public use. There is also an on-site indigenous plant exhibit and a sandbox.  Dogs visiting this space must bear tags on their collars which show proof of vaccinations, city dog licensing, and identification. Park officials prohibit food and alcohol on the grounds. Thus, if you’re looking for a day reconnecting with nature, bring your dogs and your family to Forsberg Iron Spring Park.

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