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Lakewood Country Club

The Lakewood Country Club was once named the “jewel” of Jefferson County. The nickname could not be more appropriate considering this gem of a country club is now difficult to find due to sound barrier walls that were built on 6th Avenue a few years ago, hiding the south end of the golf course. It is obvious now that the entrance to Lakewood Country Club off of 10th Avenue and Pierce Street looks a lot different than it even did a few years ago. With the construction of a new state-of-the-art clubhouse, the 101-year-old club has acquired a completely new appearance. We strive to envision the club as it is today and where it would like to be five to ten years from now, Tim Lollar, Lakewood Country Club’s golf professional, explained. “This is a new beginning for us all,” she added.


Colorado Golf Club was established in 1908, and the majority of its members came from Denver’s first golf course, Overland. In 1912, the club changed its name to Lakewood Country Club. Two clubhouses were destroyed by fire in 1913 and 1948. While the third clubhouse went through remodeling stages in 1969, ’86, ’93, ’94, and ’96. In 2004, members approved the construction of a new clubhouse, the expansion of the practice facility, the pool, the pool house, and the fitness center. In celebration of the club’s 100th anniversary, the project was completed. Currently, 14 Lakewood Country Club members have been inducted into the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame. A few of the most well-known members were Mildred “Babe” Zaharias, Dale Douglass, and Gary Longfellow. “There are some great golf names from out of the past who were a part of Lakewood Country Club,” Lollar said.


There has been a lot of improvement in the condition around Lakewood Country Club’s course over the years. The original course had dirt fairways and sand greens. The greens and fairways were resurfaced with grass in 1910. Designer Donald Ross substantially altered the course in 1916. A few years ago, the course underwent another major upgrade when the clubhouse was built. Many changes have been made to the back nine to accommodate the new look. The signature 18th hole was changed to finish with the clubhouse in the background. “It’s one of the hardest holes on the course,” Lollar said of the 18th hole. “Shot placement off the tee is critical. Then you have to carry a water feature. With the green right under the new clubhouse, it’s pretty spectacular.”


The 420-yard, par-4 finishing hole has the trademark of a blind tee shot over a hill to the landing area. On some tee boxes, there are periscopes with blind tee shots to ensure safety. The closing three holes which used to be 10, 11, and 12 make tournament play very interesting with two of the toughest par 4s on the course sandwiching the shortest par 3 on the course. “The beauty of Lakewood is it’s not the longest course, but accuracy is a premium,” Lollar said. “Playing it day in and day out is fun and challenging. You learn something new every day.”


Lakewood Country Club jumped in with both feet when it came to updating its facility. Several additions were made to the club to introduce a more family-friendly atmosphere. Non-members have no problem getting an opportunity to play the course. The club reserves Mondays to host charity tournaments and also corporate outings for businesses. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase the club and get us some exposure,” Lollar said. “It’s a premier facility. We strive to be the best.”.

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