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Addenbrooke Park

Addenbrooke Park is located off of Kipling in between West Virginia Ave and Kentucky Drive. There are so many things to do at this park. The park has baseball/softball fields, bicycle paths, concessions, horse trails, public art, tennis courts, and paved walking trails. In total, there are 2 tennis courts, 3 baseball/softball fields, 4 pickleball courts, and 6 soccer fields available which are available for rent at Addenbrooke Park. Additionally, there is a beautiful lake with mountain views, as well as a horse arena and trails. There is also a 1.4-mile trail that is open for horseback riding, providing a pleasantly soft surface for walking or jogging along the western boundary of the park.  A hard surface trail surrounds the eastern side of the park’s playing fields and can be added to this hike for additional mileage.


Addenbrooke Park’s first and second shelters are located close to the lake on the park’s west side. They must be reserved in conjunction and together have 12 tables and four grills, seating up to 120 people. While the third shelter adjacent to these two is available on a first-come, first-served basis. In September 2019, eight playground vendors submitted 15 options for the renovation of Addenbrooke Park’s playground. Within the existing concrete curb defining the play area that needs to be renovated, there are several options for the size, components, and play activities that would best fit within. All options took into account the need to meet the current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements, including the removal of existing pea gravel and installing poured-in-place or rubber surfaces that are wheelchair accessible.


Five options were reviewed and selected by the staff for residents’ consideration. Some criteria used to compare the submittals must meet the budget allocated for all work required including removing the existing equipment and installing new equipment and surfacing, providing play equipment that meets safety requirements established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Handbook for Public Playground Safety as well as providing a variety of play structures ad components encouraging activities suitable for multiple age groups.


Addenbrooke Park’s playground renovation is funded in part by a Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) grant submitted by the Sun Valley Neighborhood Association and approved by Lakewood City Council. NPP offers community organizations the opportunity to apply for city funding for a small-scale project they think would make a difference for their neighborhood. The park now features a free outdoor fitness court, a new playground, and a public artwork commemorating the park’s 50th anniversary, which is positioned beside the Addenbrooke homestead chimney close to the Garrison Street park entrance. The following criteria need to be met for field permissions: first, permit requests and payment must be submitted at least two hours before the date of the permit request.


Hiking maps are available near the parking lot and field houses, which makes a good starting point for hikes.  Head south-east along the paved trail from this sign, make a quick right onto the dirt horse trail, and follow the trail clockwise until you return to the center of the park and a bridge leading across the artificial stream leading into the lake.  Cross the bridge and pick up the paved trail which will lead you back to the map and your ride home. Lastly, it is a perfect place for birthday parties and special occasions as well. So hurry now, come and visit Addenbrooke Park at Lakewood, Colorado.

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