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Movement Boulder

Located in the heart of Boulder, CO, home to many of the world’s best climbers, Movement Boulder’s lead climbing and top rope terrain include the nationally renowned Grey Wall and creative, challenging boulder problems. The flagship facility of Movement Gyms, the Movement Boulder Climbing + Fitness center provides the ultimate challenge and fun for climbers of all skill levels. Established in 2009, the Boulder Gym offers 22,000 square feet with over 100 hundred boulder challenges.


Experience 30-40 foot high walls and receive training specifically tailored to your needs. In addition to its world-class routing, they also have the highest number of certified setters in the country. Whatever your reason may be, be it for fun, exercising, or preparing for a competition, this Boulder gym can help you reach your maximum potential in climbing. More than a home to the highest number of certified setters, some of Boulder’s route setters even have the highest level of certification in the world. You can expect the establishment to provide you with the challenge you seek. Of course, depending on skill level, preference and proportions, setters can set routes ideal for you. They also have classes that increase performance. Categorically, they’ve got an innovative mix of strength, conditioning, and recovery classes and they change things up seasonally to help you crush it on the slopes, water, trail, or at the crag.


The Movement Boulder Gym provides a lot of opportunities for your skills to grow. From climbing courses to their programs, anyone, even kids have something to look forward to at the Movement Boulder Gym. The gym can help you improve your strength, movement, and overall knowledge of climbing. You can also be a part of an amazing climbing community that helps make your training more fun and memorable. From the very basics to advance, top rope to lead climbing, you will be taught and trained well to start, get better and be more competent in climbing. More than climbing, the Movement Boulder Gym is also serious about providing fun and challenging training to improve your fitness on and off the wall. They provide a variety of classes, programs, and personal training to help you get better, be healthier and be more active in life.


Whether you practice yoga as your main thing or as part of your cross-training program, the gym offers a variety of yoga styles to help everyone find balance. In addition to recognizing the importance of yoga tradition, they value the modern science and technology of health and wellness. A variety of yoga styles are available, including vinyasa, Hatha, gentle, and specialty yoga. Within each category, they offer styles that are designed specifically for their community of teachers and students. At times, they provide an opportunity for students to deepen their practice and reveal deeper layers of technique and philosophy behind their everyday classes. Workshops can help you develop your skills, regardless of whether you are a beginning or an experienced student.


Whether you want to be introduced to climbing or you’re already well-versed with the sport, Movement Boulder Gym can provide you with the challenge and excitement that you seek. From climbing to fitness, you can be sure that you will improve in both aspects in Boulder.

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