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Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park

Located at 801 S. Yarrow Street, Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park is a 20th-century history park, museum, and festival experience that celebrates our community. Heritage Lakewood is home to more than 33,000 historical objects and more than 9,000 historical photographs. Although it resides at Federal Center where there is a railroad track for it to run on, the popular Interurban Car No. 25 is also part of the collection. These artifacts tell the story of the City of Lakewood, Jefferson County, and Colorado, as well as national and world events as they relate to Lakewood residents. Pieces from the collection can be viewed in free exhibitions at the Heritage Lakewood galleries or during tours and annual open houses in historic buildings. 


Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park houses two galleries in the visitor center with one rotating exhibition and one permanent exhibition. Smaller-scale exhibitions are located in the main hall. While those that are of more importance are kept in one room.


Furthermore, it is a popular location for field trips due to its interactive environment. Students of all ages will be given an opportunity for hands-on learning by literally stepping into Lakewood’s history. The center offers guided tours of historical structures and in-school outreach options. Their educational programs align with Colorado Academic Standards and can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of groups including Scouts, homeschool classes, and senior trips. An example is a general tour which is one hour in length with a maximum of 30 participants. Students can experience all of the historic buildings at the. Go back in time, starting with the diner, beauty salon, and variety store. Compare these mid-century buildings with the 1920s school and the 1930s home. This tour is limited to 30 students per hour. In addition, students can explore what life was like on an early 20th-century farm before modern technology. These and other themed tours are available in the museum. 


Adults can also explore Lakewood’s distinct past with a 60-minute guided tour of the park’s historic structures. Stroll through historic Belmar Park, once the home of The Denver Post heiress May Bonfils Stanton, as you hear about early life in Lakewood. An experienced guide will lead you through the museum’s historic structures such as the 1930s farmhouse, the 1948 Valentine Diner, and the 1920s Country School. There’s also an outdoor self-guided walking tour that provides an easy way to learn more about local history, Heritage Lakewood buildings, and the Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park area. A brochure, including a map, is available free of charge at the Heritage Lakewood Visitor Center


It also has a store that features unique and retro products popular in the twentieth century. Specializing in cool items from the 1940s through the 1980s, it’s sure to bring back a special memory for the visitors. 


Lastly, the city offers a variety of classes, workshops, leagues for all ages, and camps for youth. For kids ages 0-12, classes and activities like swimming and sports, art and dance, camps, and other programs are being offered. Teenagers have sports leagues, CPR training, camp counseling, and more. Even adults can also learn and participate in dance or art classes and many more recreational activities which are sometimes free for people ages 55 and more. 


The Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and from noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. The grounds are open every day and private visits can be arranged upon request.

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