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Cross Creek BMX

Cross Creek BMX, located at 8115 Parkglen Dr., right behind Cross Creek Park around Fountain, will host a Double Points State Qualifying Race on Saturday, Aug. 26. It is the only BMX track in Fountain Valley that is sanctioned by USABMX. Generally, the course is open to the public and does not charge admission, except on Saturdays when BMX-sanctioned riders compete on the course.


Damian Gomez, who is training to be a track operator at Cross Creek BMX, said the track’s representatives were excited about the qualifying race. The race registration period is from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and the race starts immediately after the close of registration. “At this event, riders from across Colorado will compete for the coveted #1 plate in their age group,” Gomez said. Participants range in age from 2 years through to their mid-to-upper-60s.


Riders are allowed to use Cross Creek BMX every day from dusk until dawn since it was opened in September 2011. As riders start the 1,500-foot course, they have to navigate several hazards, including doubles, rollers, triple rhythm sections, and hairpin turns. “Almost every day, we have a lot of children running the track,” Gomez said. “It’s a place where residents can ride their bikes, get confidence, improve their morale, and feel proud of themselves. He explained, “It provides a place where parents and their children can build strong family bonds with each other and with other families who take part in this sport.”.


Cross Creek BMX is managed by a non-profit organization. It first opened in September 2011 with the support of Fountain city officials, residents, and Cross Creek Park volunteers. Since then, it has become one of the most popular BMX tracks in Colorado. The track is designed to be challenging for riders at all levels, from beginners just getting their start on a bike to experienced BMX athletes looking to improve their skills. It incorporates a variety of different obstacles, including doubles, rollers, and hairpin turns.


But due to financial problems, the track is on verge of folding. Gomez hopes that the qualifying races and the Saturday races will bring a large number of spectators who will be attracted to the track’s value and willing to support it. Gomez said that the track closing would be painful not only for local and out-of-town riders but also for the entire community. “We want to bring the track back to life by allowing locals to see what all the excitement is about and then getting involved in the sport,” he added. In addition, the track is not only non-profit, it is run by volunteers, so nobody is paid to work at the track; it is simply done for the love of BMX, the kids, and the community.


Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just looking to have fun with your family on your bike, Cross Creek BMX offers something for everyone. For many families in Fountain Valley, Cross Creek BMX has become a place where they can build strong bonds with one another and make new friends through this exciting sport.

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