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Gardens on Spring Creek

The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins is the kind of botanical garden where you are able to just lose track of time as you explore everything that it has to offer. The idea for the garden was first established back in 1986 even though the actual development aspect was unable to begin until 1995 when the community behind the project was established. Since then, there have been a number of important milestones leading to the gardens that you see today.

With the first garden opening its doors in 2006, The Gardens on Spring Creek have just gone from strength to strength since that moment. This first garden, known as the Children’s Garden was then joined by the creation of several others as the scale of the project spread even further. At this moment in time, they are continuing to seek additional funding that will then allow them to build on the project with a number of ideas for new gardens being well laid out in advance.

There is more to The Gardens on Spring Creek than just checking out the plants as there are also a number of events and classes for all ages that will allow you to just further improve your own gardening knowledge. Not only that but the space can also be rented for different events which is another way of helping the community to raise more funds to help in the creation of those additional gardens.

There are also opportunities to volunteer at the gardens which is a wonderful way of really getting your hands dirty and becoming involved in everything that they are doing. You do not need any previous experience as the main thing is to simply have a willingness to do your bit and to help this entire project to grow.

Lead donors to the project have included Bohemian Foundation, Woodward, Inc., and the City of Fort Collins along with over forty other large contributors. In addition, hundreds of community supporters contributed through The Gardens’ annual campaign and Colorado Gives Day in 2015 and 2016.

Features of the expansion include the Great Lawn, a two-acre garden featuring a one-half-acre lawn with a stage surrounded by smaller themed gardens. This multi-use venue may seat up to 1,500 people for performances. Concerts, plays, community festivals, fundraisers, rentals and weddings are all designated uses. Seating will be formatted in a non-formal, picnic grouping style.

“The Great Lawn will be a community gathering space unlike any other in Fort Collins,” said Dulcie Willis, President, Friends of the Gardens on Spring Creek. “It will be a place where you can immerse yourself in natural beauty and open air while the art of all forms can come alive in front of you.”

Another key feature of the project is the Undaunted Garden, designed by internationally recognized landscape designer and Fort Collins resident Lauren Springer Ogden. This garden will be a showpiece of plants native to western North America and non-native plants adapted to local conditions. The three-quarter-acre xeric garden will demonstrate how to garden in a drought-prone region and will feature one of the largest hardy cactus collections in the United States.

Furthermore, comprising over two acres, the Prairie, Foothills, and Wetland Gardens will showcase the beauty, form, and function of native plants, which will reflect the local landscape and provide unique educational opportunities for students of all ages.

To visit The Gardens on Spring Creek, you need to remember that it is open until 5 pm during the week and 4 pm at the weekends. However, you are recommended to arrive as early as possible as this is not the kind of place that you want to rush around simply because of the many amazing things that you will want to check out.

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