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Maxwell Falls Lower Trail

In Colorado, spring is the best time of year to see the rushing rivers and waterfalls that flow from the mountain runoff. One of the best places to hike while walking beside a rushing river to view some falls is the Maxwell Falls Lower Trail located near Evergreen, Jefferson County, CO which is around 4.2 miles long.

Located very close to Denver, this trail leads through a beautiful waterfall named Maxwell Falls. The falls are accessible by three hiking options, the first of which is a one-mile hike, the second a roundabout of three miles, and the third a four-mile hike ending at the falls. Maxwell Falls Lower Trail offers a wide range of activities to keep you occupied. It is a loop type of trail, which means you have to start at a place and end in the same place. You can also take a pet on the trail, such as a dog, as long as they are leashed, and you must take care of them. This trail has a moderate elevation gain of 1170 feet. With either trail option you choose, you may be climbing an elevation gain of 1100 ft over 4 miles, or you may be climbing a relatively easy 300 ft too and from the falls.

As you climb the trail starting at the Maxwell Falls Lower Trail near Evergreen, you will pass through an aspen and pine forest with lots of rock formations. Along the way, you will see cliffs and a series of rock outcroppings through which the trail winds. At a moderate pace, you should be able to complete the trail in 2 to 2.5 hours. There are a few places along the trail where you can catch your breath and marvel at the wonderful beauty of nature. Most people prefer to hike this trail in the summer and fall. Only 50 minutes away from Denver, this trail is a great weekend activity to escape the noise of daily life. While using the trail though, be cautious and alert, looking out for wayside signs constantly, as some of the signs are damaged and may not be easily visible.

Please ensure that you don’t start a fire on the trail either intentionally or inadvertently, as that would be very hazardous to the falls and residents nearby. Immediately up the road, you will see a very large dam in the river that is impossible to miss if you miss this trailhead. Upon reaching the dam, turn around and walk back just a tenth of a mile to the trailhead.

There are brilliant views of the forest and the falls from the top of the rock outcroppings. As you head down further along the trail, you will eventually come to the waterfall. Once you are done at the waterfall, you can continue along the trail, going down the creek, and going on until you rejoin the Lower Falls trail. Going through the trail in its entirety will give your body a good workout and is a fun activity to perform with the family as well. This trail is highly rated and is a must-do if you live anywhere near Denver.

The parking lot here in Maxwell Falls Lower Trail is small, there are no bathrooms, and there is a small overflow lot with additional trails just past the main parking lot if it’s full.

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