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Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake is the focal point of activities in Evergreen, Colorado. The lake is located next to Evergreen Golf Course and the Dam side of the lake is next to downtown Evergreen. Whether you are walking your dog or ice fishing, the lake has a variety of activities to keep you busy year-round. In 1914, Charles Vail, with the help of the municipal water department, designed a dam and lake for recreation activities such as fishing, boating, skating, and golf. The plan was to make Bear Creek Canyon one of the best tourist attractions on the Front Range within one mile of the Troutdale Hotel.

The land on which Evergreen Lake stands was homesteaded by Julius and Mary Ann Dedisse, who immigrated from Nancy, France in the early 1860s. The lush meadow of wildflowers and native grasses produced 150 tons of hay each season. Evergreeners competed with teams from Golden, Idaho Springs, and the Troutdale staff on a baseball field in the meadow. In 1919, Denver acquired most of the 420-acre Jerome (son of Julius) Dedisse Ranch by condemnation. As soon as the dam was built to form the lake in 1928, Sidles deeded the golf course to Denver on the condition that it would always remain a golf course. The Dedisse family retained the two-acre lakefront site that became Lakepoint Center. Electricity from the dam and later water treatment for residential taps was managed by Colorado Central Power until 1962 when Public Service Company acquired the facilities. The Evergreen Metropolitan District successfully acquired water treatment facilities following a long and complex series of negotiations. Several enhancements were made to the dam in 1980. From 1986 to 1990, 640,000 cubic feet of sediment were dredged from the lake, providing 880-acre feet of water storage.

After Denver leased the property to Evergreen Metro District in 1982, the property was leased to Evergreen Parks and Recreation. Then, the first Evergreen Ice Carnival was organized in 1985. Furthermore, there is a well-maintained trail that goes around the entire lake, allowing easy fishing access at any point. You can fish around Evergreen Lake with either traditional or fly rods. Most of the fish caught here are trout and range in size, averaging about a foot.  Stand-up paddleboarding and other wakeless boating are also allowed. From early May to mid-September, the Lake House rents canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, sailboats, and fishing boats. From around mid-December through early March, the lake is open for ice skating. Hockey and broomball leagues also take place. Opportunities for ice fishing are also available during this time.

Picnic tables are also available to use and cooking is permitted only if you’re using gas or electric grills. There’s also an Evergreen Lake Summer Concert Series that occurs annually. As for the parking, the spaces are limited so guests are advised to park at the Wulf Rec Center or Christ the King Church and take a free shuttle over. Pets are permitted on leash. The park and lake area are subject to nature’s ever-changing moods so visitors are advised to enter at their own risk and to be mindful of the park rules and regulations, which are put in place for everyone’s safety. Open year-round and home to the Evergreen Lakehouse, this is the perfect spot for a quick escape into nature. You can even host special events like weddings and outings, or enjoy different activities depending on the season.

The hike around the lake is short and sweet with good views of the lake and surrounding foothills.

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