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Downtown Denver Skatepark

At 60,000 square feet the Downtown Denver Skatepark in Denver, Colorado is the largest skatepark in the state. This is a very diverse skatepark with many unique obstacles and features that accommodate any style of riding. With so many obstacles riders can easily navigate the entire park transitioning from one obstacle to the next, which is great for longboarding at the Downtown Denver Skatepark in Denver, Denver County. The variety and sizes of obstacles at the skatepark make this a great park for riders of all skill levels. The size of the skatepark combined with the number of great transitions makes this a very flowy skatepark great for longboarding in a skatepark. The number of street obstacles throughout the park also makes it an amazing skatepark for street-style skating.


Downtown Denver Skatepark is a skatepark that seems to just go on and on. The layout of the skatepark feels like a large loop that combines the usual as well as many unique skate obstacles that give this skatepark great flow. The flow combined with the transitions make this great for longboarding in a skatepark. The transitions in this skatepark are what make it great for riding a longboard in a skatepark. There are smooth transitions all over the skatepark that create a great flow between different parts of the park. There are a few bowls that have smooth roll-in or ramp areas that allow riders to build up speed when entering. And the smooth transitions and banked turns inside the bowls are great for pumping and maintaining speed throughout a run. Some of these bigger bowls have smooth roll-in areas as well as coping around the deeper ends of the bowls.


There are several unique smaller obstacles in the Downtown Denver Skatepark that are great for longboarding as well. These areas are great for longboarding because of the smooth transitions. There is a set of a bunch of smooth circle craters in one section of the park that is great because they flow together very well and allow riders to learn how to roll in at a variety of angles. There is also a set of shallow square bowls that are linked together. These bowls are full of smooth transitions and short banked turns. These square bowls are also good for learning how to roll into a bowl as well as learning the basics of taking banked turns.


The skatepark is great for street skaters because there are so many street obstacles all over the park. Riders can find some boxes and rails all over the park. These obstacles come in many different shapes and sizes. Along with these boxes and rails, riders can find ledges scattered all over the skatepark as well as a bunch of different sets of stairs. There are also several bowls throughout the skatepark that are great for experienced riders. These bowls are more like pools, with steep walls and deep vert. Most of these bowls are fully lined in coping. There are a few bean-shaped bowls and one cool clover-shaped bowl. The clover bowl has many pockets and a variety of depths throughout the bowl.


Furthermore, the Downtown Denver Skatepark also features a kind of snake run area. This area has the flow of a snake run but has the angles and obstacles of a good street section. This area has a great flow for the longboard, but also provides a great flow for skaters to keep their speed while transitioning from one street obstacle to the next. Around the entire skatepark, riders will find ramps and slopes of varied sizes and steepness. These areas make this a good skatepark for beginners because riders can get the feeling of coasting and using momentum in a large open skatepark.


Overall, the Downtown Denver Skatepark is a great skatepark for everyone who enjoys board sports. This is a popular skatepark in the downtown of the largest city in Colorado, so it can get busy and there is often traffic. Even with a lot of people, there is still a good vibe and everyone seems to get along pretty well. If you’re an experienced skater, you will surely love this skatepark.

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