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Rampart Dog Park

Rampart Dog Park gives active or social doggos and their owners a place to mingle with neighbor dogs off leash, as part of the park’s furbulous sports areas. Additionally, it is a wonderful place for owners and their pets to enjoy while at the park.


If you want to take your dog to this popular park, it has lots of flat, open spaces where your dog can run off its energy. Grab your pet and visit this park today around Colorado Springs. This dog park can be found behind Rampart High School, sandwiched between the track and baseball field.


The fully fenced area is large enough for lots of dogs to play, but small enough that you can still watch your dog anywhere inside the enclosure. There are chairs and benches around the perimeter, as well as in some shady spots, for you to relax while your dog romps around. The park provides owners with a variety of things to do while outside, including playing fetch, exploring the many trails, and going for walks. Large driftwood-like logs provide some variety, and there’s even agility equipment like tires and ramps for the sporty pups.


Even though the terrain is soft on your paws, you’ll want to wear footwear that is suitable for the terrain.  You want to make sure your small dog can play comfortably with larger dogs in this park, because it is an open space. However, dogs younger than four months of age are not allowed in the dog park and pet handlers should not be under the age of 18, and children under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by an adult.


There is parking available just past the dog park next to the baseball field, and human restrooms are located a little further between the BMX park and soccer fields. The dog park does provide water, as well as a washing area for those that get a little too enthusiastic, chasing sticks through the mud, but the water can sometimes be shut off. It is therefore recommended that you bring your own water to share with your thirsty dog. Additionally, there is a public restroom and fresh water available for owner use on the grounds at Rampart Dog Park.


As with any park, keep your dog leashed at all times when entering or leaving the fenced-in section and anywhere else in Rampart Park as well. You must ensure that your dog has the necessary vaccinations and a current license, as well as collars that contain the appropriate tags. Likewise, you are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of your dogs as handlers. Additionally, as stated in Parks Rules and Regulations, all dog owners must clean up after their dogs and dispose of waste appropriately. Alcohol and glass are also prohibited within the dog park.


Rampart Dog Park is free to use and open daily between 8am and dusk in Colorado Springs. It’s a great place for dogs of all sizes to play, and it’s also a good place for pet owners to socialize with each other. 


For a barking good time, take your pet to the Rampart Dog Park today.

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