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Lost Island Miniature Golf & Adventure Park

Located in Colorado Springs, Lost Island Miniature Golf & Adventure Park is a 36-hole miniature golf course park. You can also ride go-karts, go to an inflatable park outside, and play at the indoor play area which is similar to a nice PlayPlace. As far as mini-golf places go, Lost Island is unique and entertaining.



In contrast with most other mini-golf courses, which are typically in shopping malls or on otherwise flat surfaces, the terrain is hilly here. Several areas of the park are incorporated into the courses, such as the cave park and the gorilla mountain.



The dinosaur replicas in the mini-golf courses are well made, and a lot of care was put into making the two courses look like a jungle.



Additionally, the outdoor inflatable park is a great place to bring your kids when it’s hot outside. You’ll find slides, a bounce house, and some other activities here in Colorado Springs.



Kids can also play at the indoor playground, which is like a super McPlayPlace. The indoor play area is also perfect for when it’s too hot or cold outside. It has a ball pit, a climbing wall, and other fun things to do. Socks can be purchased at an additional cost from Lost Island Miniature Golf & Adventure Park.



For adults, if you’re feeling competitive, there is even a mini-golf tournament you can enter. If you need some practice on your putt-putt swing, in the building, in the room where you choose your putter and ball, there are some green and a few holes on the floor where you can practice. You can also get a great view of Pikes Peak, from behind King Kong.



The go-karts are also a lot of fun. During the week, the store is open in the afternoons, but it opens at 12 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. They are available for both kids and adults, at a decent rate. For adults, one race is ten laps and for kids, it’s ten minutes. Because children will take longer to figure out how everything works without running into the walls all the time. Since the go-karts are outside, they are weather dependent; however, you get to drive a Spinosaurus! You can race your friends or family members around the track. Because of this, they have a “Fastest Loser” race where the last-place person from each group gets to race again to try and win a free game.



And if you need a break from all the fun, you can always grab a bite to eat at the snack bar. There are a few bottled and canned beers there. A beer when playing mini-golf is mandatory, but there are really no good places to set it down when you play, are there? Still, it worked, and there are benches, rocks, and fake wood blocks you can use to sit into while drinking your beer.


Lost Island Miniature Golf & Adventure Park is open pretty much all day every day. It is a fun mini-golf place, and it has not been overwhelmingly busy. The dinosaur theme and references to Jurassic Park are entertaining, kids and adults like it!



All of the play options for the kids make Lost Island a very family-friendly, relatively inexpensive place to play.

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