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Timnath is a Statutory Town that is located in Larimer County, Colorado. The town of Timnath was founded in 1882 on a small bluff east of the Cache la Poudre River, southeast of Fort Collins, Colorado. It is located approximately one-half mile east of the Harmony Road/Interstate 25 interchange. 5.05 square miles make up the incorporated area of Timnath.


Timnath is served by Timnath Elementary School and Timnath Presbyterian church. Green spaces in the town include Walt Weiss Field and Weitzel Park. It is also home to Swetsville Zoo. A one-story modern post office, an elementary school (in the Poudre School District), and several other historic buildings can also be found along Main Street (a section of County Road 5). There is another elementary school (Bethke Elementary) 2.8 miles away from the one lining Main Street.


The historical downtown lies along with County Road Five, which runs north-south parallel to Interstate 25 half a mile to the east. Since the 2000 census, the town of Timnath has annexed several square miles of land to the east and southeast; the town has experienced significant commercial development along the east-west corridor of County Road 38 (Harmony Road), including Wal-Mart and Costco. The majority of the six-mile (north-south) by three-mile (east-west) block of land that lies within Timnath’s growth management area is low-density residential or agricultural and is designated to remain so, with open space and parkland filling the remainder of the area, particularly near the Poudre River and Timnath Reservoir.


Timnath is mainly served by Harmony Road which runs east and east on the southern border of the village.

Timnath Coordinates: 40°31′47″N 104°58′54″W

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