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Omega is a neighborhood in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States. The neighborhoods of Woodwest, Meadowlark, Warren Farms, Foothills Park, Sundisk, Chestnut and Willow Grove are within Omega’s border; basically taking up a whole grid with U.S. Highway 287 or College Avenue about 1 km away to the west.


Omega’s thoroughfare is Swallow Road which runs east and west, effectively bisecting the neighborhood north and south. Forming a natural boundary around the neighborhood are the streets of Drake Road to the north, Horsetooth Road to the south, McClelland Drive to the east and Shields Street to the west. Meadowlark Avenue runs north and south intersecting with Swallow Road and becomes Manhattan Avenue as it exits to the south.


Omega is home to The Worthington Farm, a local historical landmark. Establishments serving this neighborhood include Beattie Elementary School on Meadowlark Avenue, Overland Church on Horsetooth Road, The Preserve at the Meadows on Riva Ridge Drive, The Learning House, Front Range Bronze on Rocky Mountain Way, Cuppy’s Coffee and Smoothies of Fort Collins on Drake Road.


From Drake Road then Meadowlark Avenue, you can access Woodwest Park on Powderhorn Drive, and approximately 500 meters south is the Beattie Park.

Omega Coordinates: 40.5434° N, 105.0879° W

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