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Gunbarrel is an unincorporated community and a census-designated place (CDP) located in and governed by Boulder County, Colorado, United States. The CDP is a part of the Boulder, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Gunbarrel CDP has an area of 4,038 acres, including 38 acres of water.


Gunbarrel is northeast of the city of Boulder proper, separated by a buffer area of private agricultural lands and publicly owned open space. The buffer areas provide over two miles (3 km) of separation over changing elevations. This reduces the impact of the Boulder Municipal Airport and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department facilities (including the county jail), which are located on the southern side of the buffer.


Two reservoirs operated by the Boulder and Left Hand Irrigation Company are located in central Gunbarrel. Irrigation ditches and canals, including the Boulder and Whiterock Ditch, pass through this primarily residential area. The Twin Lakes Open Space, a large park that includes the two reservoirs and extends west along the ditch, is operated by the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department. The park brings protected wetlands, jogging trails and green spaces directly into the urban area. The City of Boulder operates Eaton Park, adjacent to the west lake. Eaton Park includes picnic facilities, BMX jumps, and additional protected wetland.


Gunbarrel is home to Shelby American Collection near Eaton Park. Gunbarrel Ranch mostly occupies the eastern half of the Gunbarrel. To the south of the border are teeming with ponds including Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat and Sawhill Ponds. Red Fox Hills is a neighborhood within Gunbarrel.


The 205 bus of the RTD bus system gives service throughout Gunbarrel and into Boulder. Roads and streets in Gunbarrel are maintained by Boulder County.

Gunbarrel Coordinates: 40°03′48″N 105°10′17″W
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