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Evergreen West Central is a neighborhood in Evergreen in Jefferson County, Colorado. The neighborhood is situated on the west side of Evergreen Parkway. The Upper Bear Creek Road serves as the main street and runs west and east along Bear Creek, it is concurrent with Witter Gulch Road to the west and ends at Evergreen Parkway to the east immediately on Evergreen Lake.


Evergreen West Central sits halfway between Upper Bear Creek to the east and Evergreen to the west. It borders Evergreen Heights And Estates to the north. Stagecoach Boulevard forms a natural border to the north. Buffalo Park Road barely passes to the south.


Evergreen West Central is home to Evergreen Golf Course just to the west of Evergreen Lake. Other parks and green spaces in Evergreen include Elephant Butte Park, Elephant Butte, Mountain Muhly/Coneflower Trail Fork, Mountain Muhly Trail, Alderfer/Three Sisters Park West Summit Trail, Ponderosa Sisters Loop, Dedisse Park and Evergreen Nature Center.

Evergreen West Central Coordinates: 39°38′32″N, 105°21′56″W

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