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Eldorado Springs is an unincorporated community, a census-designated place (CDP), and a post office located in and governed by Boulder County, Colorado, United States. The CDP is a part of the Boulder, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Eldorado Springs CDP has an area of 1,655 acres (6.696 km2), including 0.99 acres (0.004 km2) of water.


Eldorado Springs is located 5.3 miles to the south of Boulder. To the southwest is Eldorado Mountain. Colorado State Highway 170 emerges west from Colorado State Highway 93 and runs straight to the community. Colorado State Highway 93 forms a natural border to the northeast. Davidson Ditch runs northeast and southwest along Colorado State Highway 170.


Eldorado Springs is teeming with scenic spots including Eldorado Canyon State Park, Eldorado Canyon State Park Visitor Center, and Eldorado Canyon State Park Entry Sign. Crags Hotel Ruins is another notable landmark in Eldorado Springs. Open spaces and trailheads in the community include Rattlesnake Gulch/Crags Hotel Trailhead, Fowler Trailhead, Bear Peak via the Shadow Canyon Trail, Doudy Draw Trailhead, and South Mesa Trailhead.

Eldorado Springs Coordinates: 39°56′12″N 105°15′45″W

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