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Located in the city and county of Denver, Colorado, Capitol Hill is bordered by Broadway, Downing Street, Colfax Avenue, and Seventh Avenue, which carry a large amount of traffic throughout the neighborhood. It is technically part of East Denver, which begins immediately east of Broadway, the western boundary of the neighborhood. Cheesman Park is often considered part of Capitol Hill, but according to city definitions, it is a separate neighborhood. There is also a statistical neighborhood in Denver called North Capitol Hill, also referred to as Uptown by some residents. The boundary between the two neighborhoods is Colfax Avenue.


Located just southeast of Denver’s Central Business District (CBD), the neighborhood is a well-established residential neighborhood with numerous commercial centers located along major traffic routes (such as Colfax Avenue and Broadway) as well as interior arterials (such as East 13th and 14th Avenues). Directly east of the Civic Center neighborhood and the Colorado State Capitol is the Colorado State Capitol neighborhood. Capitol Hill shares many characteristics with other east Denver neighborhoods, including the hospital district and North Capitol Hill. Public transportation is readily available, as are city services. Colfax Avenue is to the north, Seventh Avenue to the south, Downing Street to the east, and Broadway to the west.


Capitol Hill is influenced by its proximity to the Colorado State Capitol, Downtown, and its northern boundary, East Colfax Avenue. Known as a haven for artists and bohemians, Capitol Hill is one of Denver’s most cosmopolitan neighborhoods. Numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, shops, concert venues, and other cultural amenities are available in the community. Located in the heart of Denver’s punk community, East 13th Avenue is home to a range of stores catering to punks and hipsters alike. Known for its wild nightlife, Colfax Avenue features many concert venues (The Fillmore Auditorium, The Ogden Theater, The Bluebird Theater, and 1Up Colfax), as well as a variety of late-night bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. Restaurants and bars in the neighborhood are frequented by lobbyists and politicians from the Colorado State Capitol during the day.


In addition to Civic Center Park and Cheesman Park, Capitol Hill is adjacent to two other major Denver parks. Each of these is a community meeting place; it hosts many festivals, including the Capitol Hill United Neighborhoodslen Ginsberg.


Other attractions in Capitol Hill include Colorado State Capitol, Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness, Molly Brown House, Quizno’s subs, Wax Trax! Records, History Colorado Center, The Episcopal Church and Colorado Governor’s Mansion.

Capitol Hill Coordinates: 39°44′N 104°59′W

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